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How to Get the Most Profit When Selling Your Multi-Family Investment Property

As an investor in multi-family properties, there are several ways to gain cash flow while owning the building. However, selling your multi-family property is an exciting way to maximize your profits. But how do you get the most profit when selling your investment property? The first step is contacting iPRG to work with one of our expert brokers. While you start that process, we’ll explain how to gain the most profits when selling your multi-family building here.

Steps to Gaining Maximum Profit When Selling Your Multi-family Property:

Hire a Proven Broker

As we mentioned, hiring a broker to sell your property for the best price to maximize your profit is the first step. Choose a broker who understands the property you’re selling and the market you are selling in. IPRG specializes in selling multi-family, mixed-use properties and development sites throughout the NYC area. With more than $2 Billion in sales, our track record proves we are the best fit to help you sell your investment property. 

Meet Your Broker in Advance of Selling

Now that you’ve hired a reputable broker from IPRG, they and our brokerage team will help develop a selling strategy with you. We’ll provide insight into the market and recent comps and conduct an extensive property valuation to determine the highest sales price. Once we exclusively represent you in selling your investment property, we will tailor a marketing strategy and proactively reach out to qualified buyers. We will create an auction-like environment that results in the highest price and best terms in the fastest time. This ensures our clients do not leave money on the table.

Work with An Exclusive Sales Process

When you choose IPRG as your brokerage firm, you get access to our exclusive sales process. Through our proprietary shared information database, we access the information needed to deliver data-driving results. These results sell your property at the best rate to maximize your ROI. 

Choose the Most Credible Buyer

To profit from your multi-family investment property, you need to sell to the most qualified buyer, not just the one with the highest bid. Identifying the right buyer is something you will get help with from your broker at IPRG. Then, when the first round of offers come in, you and your broker can interview the most qualified buyers to ensure you get the best deal and maximize your ROI. 

After you’ve vetted out the most qualified buyer and accepted a bid, due diligence, and the closing process will be the next steps that your IPRG broker will handle.

Sell Your Multi-Family Investment Property with IPRG

Selling your multi-family property is an exciting way to gain the most profit on your investment, but it is also a complex process. Streamline the complexity by working with IPRG. We have the knowledge and experience in selling multi-family properties to help you gain a profit on your investment. Contact us today to sell your multi-family building.