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BRG Invests in Growing their Leading NYC Real Estate Investment Sales Brokerage and Advisory Firm Rebranding to IPRG

As the leading commercial real estate investment sales brokerage and advisory firm in New York City for the past six years, BRG has established itself as your trusted source for investment advice. Our market specialists are backed by thorough knowledge and understanding of the investment sales market and process and have sold over 725 properties for over $2 billion. This continued success of selling investment properties results in BRG investing in themselves to rebrand to IPRG. 

Rebranding to IPRG solidifies the growth our firm has built over the years but does not change what we offer. Our seasoned professionals specialize in selling multifamily, mixed-use, and development site properties. Working with IPRG, our clients achieve their investment objectives and realize optimal investment results. 

We make real estate goals achievable through knowledgeable people and advanced technology. IPRG has the advantage over anyone else in the industry with our:

Proven Track Record

Our numbers say it all. Nearing close to 1,000 investment properties sold in NYC for over $2 billion, our market specialists are whom you need to be working with on your next investment property. 

Expert Brokers

We don’t just facilitate you buying or selling a property; we provide the best strategic approach to the sales process resulting in the optimal value to your investment. 

Collaborative Team

We’ve grown to IPRG through the collaborative team we’ve built through a territory approach and information sharing. Giving us strength in numbers shows we are the top brokerage firm to work with on your real estate investment.

Supportive Tech + Data

With our innovative and exclusive database, we quickly and efficiently connect sellers with buyers to make the sales process happen for the investment property you’re searching for. 

Working with a full-service brokerage firm like IPRG is a more suitable way to invest than doing it yourself. Whether you’re new to investing or a seasoned investor, you get all of the advantages above with a brokerage firm. In addition, you will develop an ongoing relationship with experienced real estate brokers who help guide you to achieve the best interest for your investment needs.

Investing in properties is a big way to add significant value to your life and portfolio. IPRG has the knowledge, experience, and today’s technology to work with you every step of the sales process to help you earn that value. So get in touch with us and invest with IPRG today.