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Build a Relationship with Your Broker to Maximize Your Real Estate Investment Pipeline

In commercial real estate, brokers significantly influence the market by having exclusive inventory (Investment properties for sale). Therefore, it is vital to build relationships with a broker who controls the inventory. IPRG sells 100+ investment properties a year, creating a marketplace for their clients looking to sell and buy to maximize return on investment.

Whether you’re on the selling or buying end, it’s essential to establish a relationship with your broker for opportunities and guidance. Building a relationship with your broker means you’re launching a connection with an expert in the real estate field. Brokers help unlock value in real estate owned, find new opportunities to buy and provide market insights.

Being in touch with your broker and building rapport with them will ensure that you’re getting deals sent to you to keep your investment pipeline full. Having a person on your side with real estate knowledge and expertise is a significant advantage to you in the buying process. Our team at IPRG is ready to start working with you and has some tips to share on the real estate investment process.

Benefits of a Relationship for Sellers

As the seller of an investment property, there are many reasons why having a relationship with your broker is beneficial. Working with your IPRG broker and their team allows you to maximize your property value, so you don’t leave money on the table. In other words, you’ll get the best deal for your property with our help. 

You’ll benefit as the seller by having a relationship with your broker. Your property gets exposure to a network of qualified buyers. You get dedicated seller representation to maximize your ROI on your investment property. So as the seller, you can’t go wrong with building a relationship with your broker because they are on your side to get you the best deal for your investment.

Beneficial Advice to Buyers

Part of the relationship you build with your broker includes advising you and guiding you. Still, advice and guidance are a two-way street to get you the best investment. Some advice brokers need from buyers is their investment criteria and feedback on deals the brokers send so they know what you’re looking for. Also, be sure to follow up with the broker about new opportunities.

Navigating the Buying Process

Now that you’ve gone through the research of deciding what type of property to invest in, planned out an investment strategy, viewed properties, and picked one you want to invest in with your broker, it’s time to go through the buying process. 

Your broker will help you determine the best offer to make on the property. They will help you with the necessary closing steps to ensure it is a successful purchase of your investment property.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an investor looking to sell or buy property, a crucial part of the process is first to build a relationship with your broker. You’ll get sound and expert advice and guidance on the best investment to make based on the current market trends from your broker. So contact IPRG to start working closely with one of our brokers today, and we’ll help maximize your ROI.