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Built By Brokers for Brokers, IPRG is the Real Estate Investment Firm to Work For

Becoming a real estate agent can be a very lucrative career. However, it can be challenging to get started if you have no experience. Ensure your success as a real estate agent by working for a real estate firm that gives you an advantage. You want to make sure you choose the right one to build a successful career.

Our real estate investment sales firm is the top brokerage in NYC that brokers built for brokers. We create opportunities for our agents that drive superior outcomes to ensure success for our agents and clients. Our team-based approach provides vital support to every single contributor at IPRG, along with these advantages to accelerate your career:

Invested Agent Support

When you work for IPRG, you’ll get support from the first day and every day beyond in every aspect of assisting our clients in maximizing the return on investment. We provide unmatched training and mentorship, which aids in the development and growth of our people and empower our agents. In addition, we are team-oriented and give you the resources needed to expedite the learning curve and begin assisting clients with their investment needs immediately.

Unlimited Opportunities Created

Real estate has unlimited opportunities. With decades of experience and a passion for the business, we help create them through expert real estate strategies to drive successful outcomes for our clients. We provide an environment for real estate professionals to thrive. At IPRG we have transformed the investment sales process using data-driven technology while leveraging a collaborative team approach. Every agent brings something different to the table, and collectively we can create the best outcomes for our clients.

Company Culture

As NYC’s fastest-growing real estate team, we embrace being team players with winning mindsets. We share values and goals and push each other to be our best. We leverage our collaborative team approach company-wide, utilizing communication internally and with clients. Then, we couple this with our technology through our proprietary shared information database we share with every employee to help secure the best investment for our clients. We offer a collaborative and competitive environment utilizing communication internally and with our clients through our team approach.

Collaborative and Competitive Makes IPRG the Right Fit

At IPRG, we compete hard for our client’s business, but we don’t compete with each other. Instead, our collaborative business model incentivizes the whole team for sales. We know working together makes us more innovative, strategic, and successful. 

We invest in the training, mentorship, and market intelligence you need to stay focused in a complex, fast-paced environment. So, if you’ve got a winning mindset and a passion for real estate, achieve your potential with us.