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IPRG Creates a Culture Unlike Any Other Brokerage – Its Core Values Play a Huge Role

There’s no doubt that real estate is a lucrative career path. There are many firms to choose from when you need help selling your investment property, especially in the New York City area. Each of the best NYC real estate firms brings something unique to the table to help you achieve your investment goals. IPRGs culture and core values has helped them emerge as the firm to work with and work for.

IPRG stands apart from other firms because we are a team of brokers built by brokers. We combine our real estate expertise with our knowledge of the NYC area and market trends to create opportunities that result in broker’s and owner’s success.

We are distinct because you don’t just get a salesperson from our team; you get a trusted relationship working with IPRG to sell your property. We believe in and stand by our core values of having a passion for real estate, being a team player, and being a deal maker by having a winning mindset. 

IPRG’s Core Values:

Passion for Real Estate

Through our passion for real estate, our team of brokers are not just salespeople. We are experts in our field and understand the market, especially in NYC, better than anyone. Our knowledge is used to our advantage for our clients to add value and maximize their ROI.

Team Player

When you work with one of us, you get all of us. Our experienced teams offer services other individual agents cannot match. In addition, each of our team members brings something different to the table, which enables us to create the best outcomes for every client, regardless of their needs. So, our entire team works on your business, not just the B team, and when you hire IPRG, you’re not just hiring one real estate broker; you’re hiring a team. 

Deal Maker

Our talented agents are deal makers. They understand how to identify and create talent. Because of this, we can match sellers and buyers to maximize ROI for our clients.

Winning Mindset

Athletes are regimented, metric, and number-oriented, always thinking with a winning mindset. IPRG has the same philosophy, and we hire real estate brokers with winning attitudes. Thinking and working like a winner has allowed us to sell on almost every street in NYC. Our numbers show we always accept a challenge and want to achieve optimal results for our clients.

Final thoughts

While you can choose any firm in NYC to represent you in selling your investment property, IPRG is the best choice. Our collaborative team-based approach motivates our expert market specialists to live by our core values. We hire brokers with a winning attitude who have a passion for real estate and supply them with the data and resources to get the best deal for our client’s investments. 

It’s not just about who we are as IPRG; it’s about what the client gets. The driving factor that sets us apart from the competition is our dedication to maximizing ROI for our clients. So make the most of your investment when you sell your property, and turn to the experts at IPRG.