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IPRG’s Track Record Surpasses Competitors by Our Knowledgeable Real Estate Agents Understanding the Local Market

Location is an essential factor when it comes to selling and buying investment properties because the value of your investment property relies on its location. Therefore, before you start building your portfolio, you need to understand the local market you’re looking to invest in.

The most efficient way to understand the local NYC market is to work with one of our experienced market leaders and teams at IPRG. Our company has a team-based structure based on territories and specialization. As a result, not only have we sold a property in every neighborhood, but we can also help you identify new investment opportunities.

The Importance of Working with an Agent Who Knows Your Local Market

IPRG stands apart from other brokerage firms because we know and understand the local neighborhoods and the properties in those neighborhoods. This allows us to sell your property at the best price, maximizing your ROI. 

Our shared information database (SID) tracks all sales and property records in all NYC neighborhoods giving our agents the tools to identify market trends. It is vital to have this knowledge to help you understand the value of potential investment properties and help you sell and buy investment properties faster. 

In addition, knowing the neighborhood allows you to gain a trusted relationship with your agent. It can help answer important questions when selling or buying an investment property in NYC. 

IPRG’s Track Record

Because we have market specialists in NYC neighborhoods combined with proprietary technology, IPRG provides investors access to one of the most extensive investment property inventory. We help owners sell their properties more efficiently for the highest price in the shortest time. Our team has sold more than 725 investment properties with over $2 Billion in transaction volume. We don’t leave money on the table for our clients. They get the best investment to maximize ROI every time and we continue to grow our successful track record. 

IPRG Gets Results for Clients

Real estate investment sellers hire us because we get results for our clients. Our experience, know-how of the area, and our shared information database allow us to get owner’s investment properties sold quickly and at the best return on their investment.

With more than 725+ properties sold, valuing over $2 Billion, we focus solely on helping our clients grow their portfolios. Our most recent property sold this month in the Brooklyn borough as we are familiar with the neighborhoods in the four boroughs of NYC. We can sell your property for the best value. 

Find your next investment with our knowledgeable local agents at IPRG. Contact us today.