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Sell Your Investment Property Faster with the Power of a Real Estate Team vs. an Individual Agent

Deciding to sell your investment property can seem stressful, and finding the right real estate agent can be overwhelming, especially when looking for a real estate company in NYC. The options may seem endless, but deciding on a real estate team or a solo agent will help narrow down who to pick and ultimately meet your property goals faster.

So how do you figure out whether to work with a solo NYC broker or an entire real estate team? Understanding what each brings to the table and the pros and cons of each option will help you decide whom to enlist to help you sell your investment property or buy one. 

Teams Vs. Solo Agents

Real estate companies in NYC like IPRG consist of a whole team where you’ll work with multiple people for your investment needs and transactions. Whereas working with a solo agent, you’ll be dealing with one person throughout the process from start to finish. 

Some sellers feel that working with a single agent will be less stressful, while others like having an entire team assisting in the sale. Of course, you can’t go wrong either way if you have a successful and smooth sale. However, there are many advantages to having a team of commercial property advisors on your side to complete your investment transaction.

Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Team

A solo real estate agent needs to wear many hats to ensure you’re satisfied at the end of the day. The problem with that is that it’s more likely for something to fall through the cracks in selling your listing. A real estate team handling your sale provides a qualified person assigned to each area of the sales process to take care of your investment without a doubt.  

A Structured Real Estate Team Gets Results

As previously stated, a lot is riding on a real estate agent’s plate in one single day. You have much value depending on selling your property, so working with a structured real estate team benefits you. 

A group of investment specialists has the time to focus on the different aspects of your sale because each one focuses on a specific area. They then work together to get you your real estate results. Having a team also provides a more considerable wealth of knowledge about the places you are selling in, being able to guide you on your investment journey strategically. 

Helpful Support Team

The more resources you have working on what you need, the better customer service you tend to receive. For example, you’ll be working with your agent and building a relationship with them with a real estate company. Still, you’ll also get a team of people working on your behalf to help make you feel supported throughout the entire process. Even better, it doesn’t cost you anything more than it would be to work with a solo agent to go with a brokerage firm.

Priority Client Service Around-the-Clock

A real estate firm puts its client’s needs ahead of anything else. Therefore, your relationship is the top priority. However, we’re all human, life gets busy, and things come up. So if your dedicated agent is, for whatever reason, unavailable at some point during your sale, don’t worry. You can rest assured that a team member is there to take your call and take care of whatever you need. That won’t always be the case working with a solo agent.

Fair Outcomes for Multiple Representation

When a brokerage works on both sides of the selling and buying process, it can be complicated for a solo agent to take care of each side of the deal. A real estate team removes that complication because one team agent will work with the buyer, and one will work with the seller to provide a fair and seamless process. This allows for each party to receive the focus they expect and deserve.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between a real estate team or a solo agent is ultimately up to what you feel comfortable with to get you the best investment. However, there are many more upsides to working with a real estate team like IPRG. Not only do you get better customer service, but you know that your sale is being handled by a group of experts in each area of the process. 

Ready to sell your investment property with a rock star real estate team? Contact IPRG to get started.