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Ravraj Bhullar Focuses on Retail Leasing in New York City.

Ravraj is part of the Retail Leasing Division that services Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. A graduate from The Robert Day School of Economics and Finance at Claremont McKenna College with dual majors in Economics and Government, Ravraj has applied his skills across various sectors in the New York City region.

Ravraj has previously interned at EXL Service as a Business Analytics Intern, Ravraj significantly contributed to the development of strategic data analytics platforms for major US sports leagues as well as a Business Development Intern at InResi, where he focused on constructing pricing models and facilitating early-stage funding, thereby enhancing InResi’s presence in the New York retail leasing market.

Ravraj was a dedicated member of the CMC Commercial Real Estate Club, where he engages actively with industry professionals, enhancing his skills in underwriting, financing, and market research related to retail leasing. With a mix of strategic thinking, deep economic understanding, and a proactive approach to the market, Ravraj is dedicated to making a significant impact in the retail leasing sector.