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Discover How it Pays to Invest in Technology for Your Real Estate Firm

Keeping up a good rapport with your property owners is the key to success for any real estate brokerage firm. And, If you’re a big firm like IPRG, staying on top of property records, sales, and ownership and investor data is no easy task. That’s why it’s wise to invest in technology for your real estate firm to help keep track of all of your data. It allows you to work smarter, not harder, for your clients. In addition, it will assist in providing the customer service and the results your investors are expecting.

The great thing about today’s technology is it can be customized to your business. For example, at IPRG, we utilize our proprietary shared information database (SID) that helps us provide optimal investment results for our clients. There are many benefits to using a system like our SID, from organizing ownership and investor data and managing real estate inventory to connecting buyers with sellers.

Track Real-Time Sales Data

There is a ton of information needed to sell a property. Multiply that by however many clients you have, and keeping track manually of the data is messy and frustrating. Our SID evolves to real-time data to capture ownership and investor data along with property records and sales. Storing all this information in our database helps us stay organized and makes the sale process more efficient. This type of information at our fingertips allows us to get more NYC properties sold for our clients.

Efficiently Matchmaking Buyers to Sellers

Like we said in our previous blog post, realtors need to wear many hats, including being a matchmaker. Not for finding your one true love, but for finding the perfect match to buy your property. Luckily, our database does the heavy lifting for us by providing the property and investor data needed to make these matches quickly and efficiently. With the assistance of our proprietary technology, we can maximize ROI and drive results for our clients with ease.

Data Driving Results

Along with organizing 100,000+ properties and ownership records, tracking real-time sales data, and quickly matchmaking buyers to sellers, we can efficiently run reports with our SID. These insights help us market properties to qualified investors. We can then help sell your property faster and to the right buyers to maximize your ROI. The data we retain with our SID drives results to keep our clients happy. 

Collaborative Team Effort

IPRG’s shared information database is precisely that shared with our entire team to be able to collaboratively close sales for our clients. In addition, our dedicated team updates our system daily to capture and leverage real-time data about every sale. This process allows us to strategically market NYC real estate to deliver our client’s best services and results. 

Final thoughts

Putting our proprietary shared information database in place gives us a leg up over our competition with the ability to track sales data in real-time, provide listing pipeline management, and track and organize 100,000+ properties and ownership records. 

Choose IPRG to maximize your ROI and drive results on your investment properties, and look to us for the latest in real estate news.